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Theatre and Film Work (1919-1931)

The two images below are taken from the show "Skies of Spain", 1928

  Skies of Spain, Billy Scarrow   Skies of Spain, Billy Scarrow


Billy Scarrow first appeared in theatre at the Old Arcadia in Redcar where he was part of a concert party. The history of his theatrical work is somewhat sketchy, and what we konw is presented in a table below (an asterix indicates approximate dates):

Years Work/Troupe Location
1919 Appeared as a member of a concert party. Redcar Old Arcadia
1920 Jovial Growsers for 7 months Touring
1920* Babes in the Wood pantomime Touring
1921-1922* Famous Brooklyn Comedy Four who were working with John Lister's big cowboy show "A Round-Up Revue" Middlesbrough Opera House
1923* Pantomime Grand Theatre in Croydon
1923* Dixon's "Crazy Town Revue" Grand Theatre in Croydon
1924 Member of the Astrals. Colwyn Bay
1924-1925* Famous Brooklyn Comedy Four Toured Ireland and then England
1925 E.B. Seenor's "Granby Revue" Touring, with final appearance at the Grand Theatre, Clapham.
1928 Skies of Spain  
1931 Motherland, sounds and vocals. See Optimists 1931 Hippodrome, South Bank


If anyone has information on any of these shows, locations, we would be very happy to hear from you.